Best ATV Helmets for Adults and Youth in 2023 That You Shouldn’t Miss

ATV riding is not inherently dangerous. The “World’s Deadliest and Most Dangerous Sports” list doesn’t include ATV riding among the top 10.  However, buying one of the best ATV helmets must be the first thing you do after purchasing a new ATV, as they will protect you in an emergency. Here, we cover some of the best ATV helmets for adults and youth. So whoever you are, this list will have something for you. Let’s check it out!

Top 5 Best ATV Helmets for Adults In-depth Review

Are you looking for an ATV helmet for adults? If so, the following five products are worthy of consideration for good reasons.

#1. ILM Adult Dirt Bike Helmet – Best For Overall

ILM Adult Dirt Bike Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Quality overall protection.
  • Washable interior lining.
  • Provide gloves and goggles.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell.

Things To Consider

  • Limited size options.

Key Features

I have to claim that this helmet is one of the great choices for users with any type of protection needs. The fact is that it features the best safety measures in the budget range.

I believe that any boy may find the proper size that matches their head, making it a great option if you have a small to medium face.

These options come with safety goggles and gloves, which don’t last very long. However, they are still an excellent addition to your safety gear, especially for those new to ATVs.

It is lightweight and affordable, making it an excellent pick for new ATV riders.

#2. O’Neal Sierra II Helmet – Best For Men


O'Neal Sierra II Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Height adjustable helmet shield.
  • Vent holes for optimal ventilation
  • One clear visor and one tinted visor included
  • Very soft, sweat-absorbing inner padding.

Things To Consider

  • Pricey.

Key Features

The O’Neal Sierra II Slingshot features a very catchy design, making many riders love the looks at first sight. Its shell looks futuristic, sure to make some people raise their eyebrows when you walk down a sidewalk.

This model weighs about 1500 grams, almost standard for ATV helmets in the dual-sport category. It is suitable for most riders looking for a thrilling design.

Two visors are included with the helmet: One clear and one tinted. The fitting does not have any fancy mechanism to lock the visor. Rather, it only features two protruding notches on both sides to lift it up and bring it down. 

There are many vents on the mouthpiece and a lever to flip them. Also, additional chimney vents can be opened and closed with the flick of a catch.

This helmet has a mesh overlay. So riders with allergies to mesh may get a rash if used continuously.

#3. O’Neal 2 SRS Helmet – Best For Value

O'Neal 2 SRS Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Well crafted.
  • Great for value.
  • Have a sophisticated design.
  • Removable, washable air channeled liner.

Things To Consider

  • Costly.

Key Features

I have tried this model, and I’m delighted with it. As a long-life rider, I need to feel comfortable and not get distracted by having headaches or sweating inside due to unprofessional flaws. The O’Neal 2 SRS helmet serves me faithfully.

Its removable, washable air channeled liner will let you feel comfortable. Moreover, moisture-wicking alongside makes riders enjoy the race without stress. By the way, excellent build quality is another plus of this item.

Presented in classical, proper for-all-times colors, the O’Neal 2 SRS is an excellent solution if you want to look stylish and neat at the same time. Nothing extra, just be an old classic with a sophisticated design. 

#4. Westt Cross X Motocross Helmet – Best For Multi-Purpose

Westt Cross X Motocross Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Better ventilation.
  • Multi-purpose helmet.
  • Dual visors for better vision.
  • Highly rated by testing agencies.

Things To Consider

  • Some riders thought that it was expensive.

Key Features

Do you want a helmet that is multi-purpose and can be used for off-road bikes, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, dirt bikes, ATVs, MTB, and motocross motorcycles? If so,  the West Cross helmet is the best option for you.

This helmet is tested and approved by the DOT agency. It has double visors, with the first exterior visor having integrated sun protection technology while the second one can be removed to wear glasses and goggles.

The interior padding is washable and removable, allowing you to clean it easily. The perfect fit and lightweight design make this option a good buy.

#5. Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet – Best For Budget

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Quick pad changing.
  • Quick visor change option.
  • Adjustable ventilation system.
  • Meets the FMVSS218 standards

Things To Consider

  • Safety pads require frequent changing.
  • Not visually as appealing as other choices.

Key Features

This helmet is a favorite of many ATV riders as it can withstand accident impacts and last for years. I like how this model can meet the DOT standards and delivers overall face protection to the user. 

I know this model is not as fancy as the others on my list, but it’s still a commendable choice for any ATV rider. I recommend changing the safety pads included in the helmet often.

Top 5 Best Youth ATV Helmets In-depth Review

Let’s keep your children riding safely with one of our best youth ATV helmets.

#1. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Helmet – Best For Overall

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Available in various sizes.
  • DOT certified.
  • UV protection.
  • Eye-catching design.

Things To Consider

  • Suspicious durability.

Key Features

Topping my list is the fantastic beginner’s set from TCMT. It comes with goggles and gloves to cover the basics of the kid’s safety during their off-roading adventures. It is DOT-certified and available in various sizes to suit any child.

In addition to an eye-catching, great design, this helmet and goggles have UV protection to add additional safety to this choice. 

Not to mention the decent ventilation and comfortable fit makes it a great option for both winter and summer riding. The liner is washable and removable.

#2. TCT-MT Helmet – Best For Budget

TCT-MT ATV kid Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Safe and reliable.
  • Snug and comfortable.
  • Multiple air vents design.
  • Comes with many accessories.

Things To Consider

  • The design is not good.

Key Features

This helmet can ensure your children are safe with DOT safety standards. It has an excellent amount of padding and protection inside, providing great layers of protection.

It is also very comfortable and not extremely heavy for your kids. Plus, there are many air vents around the helmet to maximize air circulation and make fresh air keep entering inside.

So, you have a great riding experience even in the hot summer. The optimized vent also reduces the wind noise, enabling your kids to ride more quietly.

#3. GLX GX623 DOT Kids Youth Helmet – Best For Both Boys & Girls

GLX GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Very comfortable.
  • Great starter helmet for kids.
  • Meet DOT safety standards.
  • Come with gloves and goggles.

Things To Consider

  • Visor screws might come loose.

Key Features

The GLX GX623 helmet is an excellent starter helmet for children getting into dirt bike riding. It is good-looking and available with color-matching gloves and goggles with each purchase.

This item features a vast vision area because of the monumentally secured opening. It also has an Adjustable visor with steel screws. 

The GLX GX623 is DOT certified, ensuring your kid’s head is protected in the event of a fall and accident.

Best of all, it contains a quick-release chin strap, aluminum mesh protective screens, an advanced mouthguard, and a fully washable & removable liner. 

Overall, this helmet delivers exceptional performance and value.

#4. ILM Youth & Kids Dirt Bike Helmet – Best For Value

ILM Youth & Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Multiple air vents.
  • Quick-release buckle.
  • Adjustable sun visor.
  • UV-resistant goggles.
  • Lightweight and durable.

Things To Consider

  • The sizing runs small.

Key Features

This helmet is a budget-friendly entry-level option that will work well for any type of off-road usage, whether it is mountain bikes, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, or Quad.

It is one of the few models available that comes with a GoPro mounting bracket, allowing you to record your adventures. You can also use it to fix a light for when riding at night.

The shell is made of a high-quality ABS and EPS foam inner liner to absorb the energy from any impact. Its sleek aerodynamic design will give stability at higher speeds and is very well-ventilated with nine intake and exhaust vents.

The high-tech 3D liner is fully washable, removable, and moisture-wicking.

#5. Typhoon Youth Kids Off Road Helmet – Best For Beginners

Typhoon Youth Kids Off Road Helmet

Today’s Best Deal:

What I Like

  • Aerodynamic shell.
  • Come with a bag.
  • Port for the panoramic vision.
  • Affordable price.

Things To Consider

  • The gear is small.

Key Features

This helmet comes with gloves and goggles and is available in sizes and colors. 

This item is aerodynamically designed and weighs about 2.7 pounds, making it ideal for kids younger than five years old. But I recommend examining your child’s head to ensure it is a good fit.

The helmet is certified by DOT as it has completed the FMVSS 218 testing for quality, durability, and comfort. It also features a removable liner that will be easily washed with a washing machine.

The gloves are delivered with the same dimensions as the helmet. But you can inquire about an alternative size.

Buying Guide: Important Factors to Consider

With so many products on the market at various price points, it’s easy to get confused. So when choosing a helmet for ATV driving, what should you look for? Here is the answer.

Price Point

There is no denying that the best helmet in the world will not be a good fit if you can’t afford it. When choosing an ATV helmet, never go cheap.

Instead, I recommend buying the best model your wallet will allow. But you should shop around first because some deals may be available out there.

Safety Record

In the US, the DOT (Department of Transportation) is responsible for putting its “safety sticker of approval” on all helmets. That means the DOT sets the minimum safety requirements for any helmet, including ATVs.

So you should look for headgear with at least a DOT rating. There are also other safety standards like Snell, and an ATV helmet may be rated by two agencies or more.


Modern helmets, or at least the ones you should consider, have multiple vents and venting strategies, i.e., outflow vents, intake vents, circulation, and cooling. 

How the helmet channels & routes inside the air are also essential since this calculated circulation keeps riders cool and helps prevent visor fog.


Being able to see with a helmet on is excellent. Whether you choose goggles or a full face shield, unimpaired vision is a plus.

Comfort and Weight

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a pair of tight shoes for an extended period, right? The same goes for an ATV helmet. 

It might be tough to test a helmet you’ve bought online, but with some research, it is feasible to find a match. 

Most, if not all, manufacturers will include on their web a chart that determines a particular helmet size, such as small, medium, and large, based on the circumference (inches or centimeters) of your head. 

So, you need to measure around your head and translate that into a helmet size.

Weight is also a factor you need to consider. Too light might be questionable, but too heavy will upset you.

Parts Availability

Are accessories and parts, factory or aftermarket, readily available? They can be chin straps, face shields, padding, graphics, or even Bluetooth-enabled sound systems.


What Is the Best Material for a Helmet?

There are four basic materials that helmet shells are made of:

  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon fiber
  • Plastic/ABS
  • Dyneema/Kevlar/Aramid

Why Are Off-Road Helmets Different?

The eye space of off-road helmets is typically larger than integral road helmets, leaving enough room to adapt to the goggles. That means off-road helmets do not have a visor. 

This gap also delivers much more ventilation and a larger field of vision, which is necessary when performing more demanding sports like enduro and motocross.

Another characteristic of off-road helmets is the peak. It will protect you from the sunlight and stop branches and other objects from hitting your face. 

But the peak is also inconvenient, as the shape isn’t very aerodynamic. At high speeds, it’s very bothersome as it will give a lot of wind resistance and is heavy on your neck muscles.

Furthermore, these helmets are designed for maximum ventilation, making them much lighter than road helmets.

Which Helmet Weight Is Best?

Generally, the ideal weight of a helmet ranges from 1200 to 1350 grams. 

Heavy helmets are a strict no-no since they may strain your neck muscles and lead to pain around your head. In addition, check for ventilation points to ensure you breathe properly.

How Much Does a Good Quality Helmet Cost?

Top-of-the-line helmets can be priced at about $1000. Extremely affordable, simple models can be found for below $100. 

On average, motorcycle helmets will run you approximately $150 to $200 for something a bit above the cheapest option you can find.

How Should I Maintain My ATV Helmet?

You must store the gear properly to keep it solid and safe for a long time. Avoid narrow areas that can damage your helmet and cause scratches.

Also, you should securely place the headgear so it cannot fall because this might cause internal or external damage, making it out of use.

Avoid leaving your helmet on the floor or outside, as it will increase the chance of breaking. Ensure that where you keep your helmet is dry, safe, and spacious.

There are some padded helmet bags on the market, storage hooks, racks, and a cabinet. It is unnecessary to buy all of them, but you should consider investing in one of those options that fit your living place.

The Bottom Line

After testing five top-notch ATV helmets for adults and five for kids, you should find a sturdy and high-quality helmet for your or your little rider.

Furthermore, a wide range of sizes and colors allows you to choose the most suitable one according to your taste.

I have selected the protective gear, which is certified. Hence, you can pick a great option for you, like the ILM Adult Dirt Bike Helmet, or for your child, like the TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Helmet. They are the perfect options approved by thousands of satisfied riders!

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