7 Best Karting Neck Brace In 2023

Go-kart racing has become more popular than ever. And many racers start caring much about preparing the best go-karting neck brace. That said, some amateur players still overlook this essential equipment which plays a key role in protecting the spine and neck. For better safety, it is time to choose and wear the suitable one during your race.  

Best Karting Neck Brace Reviews Details

With market research, we have already made a list of the seven best neck braces for karting. And each of them comes with different advantages and disadvantages. So, which will be your best suitable pick? 

Let’s start exploring the list with three stars from the brand EVS. Not only those 3, but we also recommend models of RaceQuip, SIMPSON, Alpinestars, and K1. 

#1 – Racing Neck Brace EVS Sports R2  – Best Choice

Racing Neck Brace EVS Sports R2


  • Durable materials for a long-term use
  • Reliable support of a core with the high density
  • A compact design
  • Affordability


  • A buckle closure without adjustability
  • Limited specs to fit various drivers’ body sizes

We would like to bring the EVS Sports R2 here for the first recommendation. The product can meet your most basic requirements during the race with a simple look and structure. To be specific, it gets CE and Directive 89/686/EEC Certified (trustworthy protection against many safety and health hazards).

As for materials, R2 combines a ballistic nylon outer shell and a PU core. 

The EVS makes the outer fabric weave with an extreme density. Its great tightness shows the high tear resistance over time. Besides, ballistic nylon is one of the world’s most durable materials. In particular, the design allows you to remove the liner to wash it regularly. 

In terms of the material for the core, it is the PU. A soft density structure makes the brace an excellent base for energy dissipation.

The EVS Sports R2 is 11.42 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches. And its weight is about 0.6 lb. Generally, this protector can fit those over 105 lbs. heavy and 5’3″ tall. That said, it is just an estimation. 

A drawback with this karting neck brace is a buckle closure. This design does not enable you to adjust the tightness and looseness of the brace. With the uncomfortable tightness, you could find it difficult to move your neck front-to-back or side-to-side.

#2 – EVS Sports R3 – Best Support

EVS Sports R3 neck brace support


  • Convenient mounting tabs to connect with the chest protector
  • Tear resistance against strong impacts or harsh weather
  • International certification to ensure the high quality of protection
  • Washable cover to remove dirt and sweat


  • Limited sizes

If the EVS Sports R2 is not well-designed enough to fulfill your expectation, how about the R3 model? We consider it as an upgraded version which the manufacturer improves several shortages of the previous one. 

Unlike the R2, this R3 features a convenient additional auxiliary part under the main collar. These mounting tabs enable the neck brace to connect with most chest protectors sold on the market. Thus, everything can stay in place with your body during the race. 

Regarding the level of protection, the EVS Sports R3 gets the CE and Directive 89/686/EEC Certificated. For a better understanding, it is a certification applied in the EU Member States to ensure the quality of products for safety.

Another good point of this model is its material, of which a PU core is key in offering the wearer reliable neck support. Its high density is the best base for energy dissipation. 

Besides, the ballistic nylon outer shell is also the one that we appreciate. This type of weave can not only ensure high durability due to tear resistance but it is also removable. After one race, we must wash the shell to remove dirt and sweat on the fabric. Then, you will not find discomfort the next time of wearing this brace. 

It would be better if the EVS Sports R3 features an adjustable Velcro strap. Like the R2 model, it is available in two sizes (young and adult) only.

#3 – EVS Sports R4 – Best Build Quality

EVS Sports R4 Neck protection


  • Lightweight
  • The high-quality material layers for extra comfort and impact absorption
  • Convenient adjustable rear strut to ensure a perfect fit
  • Basic design for those who love a simple looking


  • Easily-broken closure clip

While the R2 and R3 models can meet most of your basic requirements, the R4 stands on a greater stage. Besides the durable material, international certification, etc., there are more excellent points to discuss the EVS Sports R4. It owns a sleek design with heavy-duty materials for an ergonomic fit. 

The EVS makes this R4 with several layers of materials. 

A hard molded plastic cover offers a robust and firm surface to prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion. Under the hardest layer is a PU core with a high density for impressive strength. 

Not only that, the brace features an additional bio-foam padding liner, which provides extra impact absorption. Plus, the rubber edges join the game to eliminate discomfort caused by the contact between your helmet and the top surface. 

Despite a combination of several materials, the EVS ensures an amazing lightweight for their R4. This neck brace is around 0.85 lbs. heavy only, never putting stress on your shoulders.

There are two sizes (youth and adult) available with the EVS Sports R4. The youth size is suitable for bodies that are shorter than 5’3″ and lighter than 105 lbs. By contrast, the adult one should go with the other side. 

The front lock closure system could be a drawback of the R4. But its adjustable rear strut in the back can change the situation. It enables you to adjust the tightness of the collar so that there is no worry about a perfect fit around your neck. 

4. RaceQuip Racing Collar – Budget Choice

RaceQuip Racing Collar


  • Convenient Velcro closure
  • A zipper line for a washable cover
  • Reliable thermal insulating material
  • High durability
  • Budget-friendly price


  • One size available only
  • Not good at sweat absorption 

Another suggestion for those who prefer the Velcro closure is the RaceQuip 333003 neck collar. The best part is that this item brings you sufficient support without digging deep into your pocket. Is it the cheapest, the dearest? Not for RaceQuip 333003. 

The  neck brace has a cover made of woven FRC fabric, which is a type of flame-resistant material with great thermal insulation. 

Inside this cover, there is a foam core with a high density. It stands somewhere between the sponge foam and the harder foam and plays as a cushion between your shoulder and the helmet. Along with the full 360-degree shape, it provides your spine with reliable support and protection. 

In particular, there is a zipper line on the body of this product. It means that you can remove the cover and wash it. Needless to say, dirt and sweat from your neck stick onto the brace after each race, and all of them could lead to discomfort unless you clean the cover frequently.

When wearing this brace, you will not find it uncomfortable to turn your head. The protector features a convenient Velcro closure system. Despite one size available, you can adjust the tightness thanks to this strap. It allows the maximum neck up to 20 inches. This product is now available in three color options (black, red, and blue), suited for all genders.

The durable material is an advantage of the RaceQuip 333003, yet it is a disadvantage, too. As a flame-resistant fabric, the cover of this brace is not an ideal option for sweat absorption. In other words, it does not come as a breathable top surface.

5. SIMPSON Karting Neck Collar  – Best Lightweight

SIMPSON Karting Neck Collar


  • Simple design for basic requirements
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Lightweight, comfy to wear


  • Ineffective protection in harsh races
  • Cover material causing discomfort to the skin

The SIMPSON 23022BK is not really an outstanding option. Still, this brace should be your reliable partner in any funny racing game without too many external impacts. Overall, it can work well for protection against excessive movement of your neck.

With a simple design, the SIMPSON 23022BK looks like a typical travel pillow. In particular, its Velcro strap enables you to conveniently adjust the tightness or looseness. 

Another advantage of the SIMPSON 23022BK is that it is lightweight. For more details, the product is 0.3 lbs. only – the lightest on this list. Therefore, the protector will not put additional weight on the shoulders. It is mostly like you are wearing nothing around your neck to kart. 

As for materials, it would be better to wear this brace in winter. We find that the fabric is less breathable. So, you could feel uncomfortable with sweat sticking onto its external cover. 

6. Alpinestars Youth Dirt Bike Neck Brace – Best Comfort

Alpinestars Youth Dirt Bike Neck Brace


  • Breathable material
  • Double-density core for a greater support
  • Reliable curves to ensure a high stability
  • Removable and washable external cover


  • Sizes for kids only

The next recommendation should be for the Alpinestars Sequence Youth imported from Italy. Its design comes with curves to offer a perfect fit with your shoulders and neck. Those bottom and internal sides ensure stability and great comfort against the impacts of the helmet. 

Alpinestars Sequence Youth is 100% made of polyurethane. This material shows high resistance to harsh environmental conditions (especially extreme temperature) for a better understanding. Moreover, polyurethane does not encourage the fungal, mildew, and mold growth caused by sweat, dirt, etc.

Not to mention, the top surface has a mesh texture. The breathable fabric does not drive you insane due to any discomfort caused by sweat during the race. Plus, you can wash the external cove to make this neck collar clean (but the hand-washing only).

Another special point found with the Alpinestars Sequence Youth is its core. There is a combination of a soft PU foam base and a hard EVA layer. Both of them bring a doubled-density core for impressive support and energy dissipation. 

For those still confused about the level of protection, this brace gets the 2 PPE – EU 2016/425 certificated. In other words, it meets standard requirements for protective equipment in the market. 

For convenient adjustability, Alpinestars designs their product with a Velcro strap. This part allows you to adjust the tightness of the brace around your neck. So, do not worry too much about your neck movement. In general, the Alpinestars Sequence Youth sizes are suitable for kids 6-10 and 10-14 years old.

7. K1 Motocross Neck Brace – Easiest To Maintain

K1 Motocross Neck Brace 


  • Convenient zipper allowing users to remove the cover and wash it
  • Materials with high breathability and durability
  • Washable core padding
  • Multiple color options


  • Few additional features
  • For kids only

Last but not least, the K1 15-NEC-N-A should not be out of this list. Its look seems to be a bit simple in comparison with other counterparts. However, there is no doubt that this model can do its tasks well to meet your basic expectation in a karting neck brace.

K1 15-NEC-N-A has a structure including an external cover and an internal core. 

The former is made of soft fabric, which is a type of cotton jersey blend. This material is soft enough not to make your skin uncomfortable. Besides, its high breathability will not cause some discomfort when your skin keeps sweating during the race. In particular, it is removable and machine-washable for sure. 

The latter is normal padding for neck support. Unlike other models, this one is washable for convenient maintenance. That said, if you are looking for excellent support for harsh races, we suggest trying some other options. 

One of the shortages of the K1 15-NEC-N-A is the sizing. With one size only, the protector is mainly suitable for smaller racers (like kids). Regarding the adults, the K1 15-NEC-N-A is never a good idea. You can use its Velcro strap on the brace for a better fit. 

Buying Guide 

Searching for suitable karting neck protectors is never an easy task. It often requires you to consider numerous elements to make the right decision. Pointers including material, range of motion, closure, features, and price are typical keys for your consideration. 

So now, it is time to learn more about each of them.


The material of a neck brace decides how it can bring the wearer both comfort and sturdiness. For this element, you need to focus on its outer casing, which often comes with a reliable abrasion resistance to withstand heavy impact, stretching, and weather conditions. 

Besides, the outer casing features a padded foam to protect inner materials. In other words, the foam absorbs shock to ensure a safe range of motion for your neck. The foam thickness can determine how much the equipment can support your helmet’s weights and how flexible the range of motion is. 

There are some types of foam rubber models on the market. Despite being firmer, they tend to offer less range of motion. But these braces can ensure better support for your neck, chin, and helmet. Thus, it would help if you consider the suitable thickness. 

Range of Motion

A good neck, chin, and helmet support are not enough. The braces need to offer a great range of motion. You must look at corners, passing karts, and overtaking opportunities during the race. Hence, the safety equipment must allow you to turn your head comfortably (also a comfortable range of motion). 

A good balance is always key. A tightly-fastened brace will limit your range of motion and reduce your performance. By contrast, a loosened one cannot ensure reliable support. 


There are two closure types, including the bucket closure and the Velcro strap. Despite working similarly, they come with different good points and drawbacks. 

Buckle Closure

The buckle gets its position at the front of the brace and ensures general safety, yet it does not allow wearers to make any adjustments. As a result, you could feel its uncomfortable tightness sometimes. 

Velcro Strap

Unlike the buckle closure, the Velcro strap lets you loosen or tighten the brace wrapping around your neck. That said, this type tends to lose its tightness if you readjust the strap too many times. 


Among the mass in the market, having additional features can bring some karting braces a bonus point. Features such as flame-retardant and sweat-absorbent fabric are always worth your consideration. Also, it would be better to have the SFI certification, a dual closure system, lightweight nature, etc. 


We consider the kart brace as an affordable neck protector. Prices of this essential equipment commonly range from $30 to $200 based on different levels of quality. An ideal option for a tight budget often comes with fewer additional features. Meanwhile, you can find more advantages when having premium models.

In general, we divide the price range into three groups.

  • Entry-level braces: $30 to $80
  • Mid-range braces: $80 to $120
  • Premium braces: $120 to $200


1. Do You Need a Neck Brace for Karting?

No, but it’s recommended. Neck braces are unnecessarily a compulsory item for safety in karting. Most adult racers do not prefer to wear this protector because it restricts their range of motion while driving. Also, having a brace around the neck makes these drivers feel uncomfortable. 

Despite the discomfort and limited range of motion, no one can deny the importance of wearing a neck brace for karting. There are an uncountable number of expected accidents happening. For better safety, this equipment can protect drivers from injuries. Thus, it would be better to wear a neck brace whenever you go karting. 

2. What Does a Racing Neck Brace Do?

In situations with high impact, the neck brace will become extremely useful. Wearing a reliable brace keeps your neck stay in place. As a result, it helps prevent unhealthy spine overstretching, one of the most common accidents in karting. 

Another advantage of the racing brace is reducing neck tiredness (especially for younger drivers). Instead of bothering the neck with some weight, the brace switches it onto the shoulders to ensure a key balance. 

There is no doubt that a neck brace can bring lots of benefits. However, it always requires drivers to choose the proper items. The one with the right size can do its tasks much better. 

3. How Do You Size a Neck Brace?

The neck braces for go-kart racing often come in two sizes. One is for youths, and the other is for adults that can fit most drivers well thanks to an adjustable buckle closure or Velcro strap.  

If you need more detailed information about sizes, we suggest contacting the providers. They can help you to choose the most suitable products. 

4. What’s An Average Neck Size?

There is a difference between the average neck size of males and females as below.

  • Male neck size is from 14 inches to 18 inches. For any measurement below 14 inches, it is a small neck. On the other hand, the one over 16 inches shows a medium/large neck. In general, a healthy neck size should stand between these values. 
  • Female neck size is from 12 inches to 14 inches. And the healthy average point for women’s neck is 13 inches. That said, this measurement could be different based on varied female body shapes. 

With information related to average neck measurement, you can choose your suitable neck brace sizes. 


It is a list of 7 options for the best neck brace for karting. They are the ideal models we picked from our market research. And we are sure that there are many other excellent stars out there. 

Hopefully, you can choose great products based on your expectations. A lightweight brace made of high-quality materials like the EVS Sports R4 is not a bad idea. Or if budget is your concern, take a look at the RaceQuip 333003.

Do you think so? Feel free to share with us. And we are always eager to hear about your opinion.

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