Best Karting Suit for Your Racing Needs: Check Out Our Top Picks!

You might need to make an investment in a proper karting suit if you want to take kart racing more seriously. Still, how can you know which is the best karting suit to choose from among the hundreds of options available on the market? This post will introduce you to our list of top 5 recommendations, which you can use as references.

We will also walk you through a complete buying guide so you can have a better idea of what to consider while choosing a karting suit. This way, you can soon pick a suitable product for yourself after reading this article. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Karting Suit Review & Compare

#1 – Best Overall – RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit 

Best Go-kart suit Overall - RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit 


  • Affordable price range
  • Pleated back
  • Flexible ergonomic areas
  • Suitable for entry-level
  • Premium heavy-duty brass zipper
  • Rated 11 in TPP (thermal protective performance)
  • Easy and comfortable to wear


  • Too simple design


  • Brand: RaceQuip
  • Number of sizes: 7 (Small – 3X-Large) 
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Material: Pyrovatex

On top of the list is the RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit since it strikes the perfect balance between quality and cost. This one is the perfect solution for those with a tight budget. In case you wonder, the low price results from pyrovatex fabric, which is a cheap yet durable material to make karting suits.

Do not let the price trick you; this product is our first pick for a good reason. Due to the material’s great gentleness, even those with sensitive skin can wear it without experiencing any irritation. Being SFI 3.2A/1 qualified with a TPP rating value of 11, it offers high-performance flame resistance, shielding you from any potential accidents on the racetrack.

The suit comes with a double-overlapped, premium heavy-duty brass zipper with Nomex backing for a secure yet easy-to-use front opening. Additionally, there are two internal pockets that are very convenient for storing items.

Thanks to the suit’s pleated back, you also have extra leeway when leaning. A high back collar, a belt that may be adjusted, and shoulder epaulets are also included. All these features will optimize your comfortability and range of motion during the karting sessions.

RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit is a great option for entry-level drivers. It comes in three different colors with a classic design, although some find it a bit too simple for their taste. Still, if you enjoy having a plain one-color look, this suit can definitely meet your demand.

#2 – Best Waterproof – Alpinestars Hurricane (Motocycle Rain Gear)

Go-kart suit Waterproof - Alpinestars Hurricane (Motocycle Rain Gear)


  • Exceptional waterproof material
  • Great air circulation
  • Suitable for driving under extreme weather conditions
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Elasticized collar for a snuggling seal
  • Velcro adjustment details for better fitting over base garment
  • Include a transport bag to carry easily
  • Reasonable price range


  • Only include one pocket


  • Brand: Alpinestars
  • Number of sizes: 6 (Small – 3X-Large) 
  • Color: Black, Yellow & Black
  • Material: Poly-nylon

If you are looking for a karting suit with excellent waterproof ability, Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit is the name to keep in mind.

It is made of waterproof poly-nylon with a PU coating that, according to Alpinestars, has been specially treated to prevent it from tangling with your gear as you pull it on. The manufacturer even includes heat-sealed seams to enhance the product’s waterproofing.

The suit also has a dual slider main zip that runs from the thigh to the chest to make donning and doffing simpler. Hook-and-loop closures aid in securing the wrists, and elastic hems at the ankles help keep the legs in place over the boots.

Plus, you will find wearing this protective gear quite comfortable thanks to its poly-mesh lining. This feature improves internal airflow, giving you more breeze and reducing your chance of getting dizzy.

Suppose you want to go karting at night; this suit will become handy since it is designed with reflective stripes on the arms, chest, and back. Wearing the Hurricane will make you more visible to other drivers, enhancing your safety on the race track.

Yet, there is one drawback, which is the lack of pockets. Alpinestars Hurricane only comes with one internal pocket. So suppose storage features are among your demands; this might not be the ideal option for you. If not, the numerous benefits of this product still make it worthwhile to try.

#3 – Best For Professional Competitors – K1 Race Gear LXL 

Go-kart suit For Professional Competitors - K1 Race Gear LXL 


  • Qualified for professional national and international tournaments
  • 360 degrees movement in the underarm areas
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh inner lining
  • Flexible elastic inner ankle and wrist cuffs
  • Double layer cordura material
  • Wide range of sizes


  • A bit pricey


  • Brand: K1 Race Gear
  • Number of sizes: 15 (4X-Small – 3X-Large) 
  • Color: Dark Gray & Orange, Dark Gray & Blue, Dark Gray & Red, Dark Gray & Yellow, Dark Gray & Green
  • Material: Cordura

Suppose you are searching for a professional-qualified suit; we highly suggest the K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-B-LXL Kart Racing Suit. This is a CIK/FIA level 2 approved suit, which can be utilized for competitions at the national or international level.

Made of cordura material, the suit offers exceptional abrasion resistance, resulting in the best defense against track accidents. Still, keep in mind that, like most Level 2 karting suits, this one has a 5-year shelf life. You can continue to use it beyond this time, but for leisure activities only; competitions are no longer permitted.

Since it is mostly used for professional kart racing events, K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-B-LXL provides you with an outstanding wearing experience and optimal protection. Details such as elastic underarms and crotch stretch panels will enhance your mobility and comfort in your seat.

Moreover, the suit comes with a mesh inner lining for better breathability, aiding better air circulation to keep you cool while driving. It also offers a wide range of sizes and colors for you to choose from.

The only thing to complain about is the price. K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-B-LXL is the most expensive option compared to other items on this list. However, this is understandable when you consider its quality and suitability for professional competitions.

#4 – Best Karting Suit Design TK One Piece Cordura

Go-kart suit Karting Suit Design - TK One Piece Cordura


  • Classic, elegant design
  • Multiple color options
  • Double-layer for better protection and comfort
  • Velcro and zip closure for easy adjustments
  • Floating shoulder gusset design
  • Two layers of high-quality fabric for extra security


  • Require special cleaning treatment


  • Brand: TK
  • Number of sizes: 7 (Small – 4X-Large) 
  • Color: Black & White, Black & Green, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Blue & White, Black
  • Material: Polyester Cordura

A karting suit is not only a type of protective gear; it can speak volume for your personality and style. If you like a simple yet elegant style, take a look at TK One Piece Cordura Karting Suit. It gives you a greater selection of color possibilities with six alternatives, in contrast to certain items on the market that are only available in simple colors like black or white.

The additional adjustment features such as zip closure and Velcro waistband give the suits a more form-fitting design. Also, the elasticated cuffs at the wrists and ankle offer better security while still being comfortable to wear.

As you can tell by the name, the material of this suit is 100% cordura polyester, the most common and high-resistance fabric. The outer layer is made of polyester cordura, and the inner layer is polyester mesh. This combination will give you excellent protection and extra comfort throughout the race.

One thing to keep in mind is that this suit can only be dry cleaned. This particular cleaning treatment could be a bit bothersome to some drivers. Still, spending more effort to maintain the gear is not that big of a challenge given its advantages.

#5 – Best Single Layer Suit – K1 Race Gear Triumph 2 

Go-kart suit Single Layer Suit - K1 Race Gear Triumph 2 


  • Knit shoulder gussets for optimal motion range
  • Lightweight one-layered suit
  • Achieving strict SFI 3.2A/1 certification requirements
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Suitable for drivers of all level
  • Appropriate for indoor racing sessions
  • Durable proban fabric


  • Not suitable for professional events


  • Brand: K1 Race Gear
  • Number of sizes: 6 (7X-Small – 2X-Small) 
  • Color: Black & White
  • Material: Proban

K1 Race Gear Triumph 2 is the go-to karting suit for those who prefer single-layer suits. It is made of proban fabric, created to provide the item with extra duration, not just to shield the wearer from fire. In other words, the material will ensure a long-lasting lifespan of the suit while protecting you from flame when an accident occurs.

Plus, this suit has an SFI rating of 3.2A/1 with a TPP value of 6, which implies the capability of withstanding fire retardant and heat flux. These specifications once again prove the high-performance protective ability of the product, ensuring your safety during the race.

Since it is a one-layered suit, you will find it extremely comfortable and lightweight (only around 16 ounces). Plus, the adjustable elastic waistband will bring a snug around the waist, resulting in a better form-fitting look. The suit even comes with knit shoulder gussets, which can offer a fit form while allowing for a full motion range.

Keep in mind that this product is not qualified for professional competition due to its material. Still, if you are looking for a decent suit for relaxed indoor racing, K1 Race Gear Triumph 2 is truly a worth-to-try option.

Buying Guide


Your initial consideration should be the type of karting suit you want since each one serves a different purpose. A professional will require a different suit from a hobbyist and vice versa. There are three types of go-karting suits based on CIK/FIA categories:

  • Recreational: This suit type is not CIK-certified (CIK stands for Commission Internationale de Karting). It is most suitable for casual indoor racing.
  • CIK/FIA Level 1 certified: This one is for those who participate in professional competitions at national tournaments, usually constructed from cotton and polyester.
  • CIK/FIA Level 2 certified: This type, which is the most robust and abrasive of the three, is intended for those who compete at international events.


You may notice a subtle difference in the material utilized when comparing kart racing costumes to car racing suits. In contrast to traditional car racing suits, which are typically constructed of NOMEX, kart suits are made of Pyrovatex, Cordura, and poly-cotton.


Pyrovatex is best known for its ability to resist fire, which can be quite useful in case you encounter a severe accident. Still, this material is mostly used for entry-level suits due to its low cost.


Cordura is the type of fabric manufactured of nylon, cotton, and other fibers. This is commonly used material for professional go-karting suits. Its outstanding abrasion-resistant qualities are among its greatest advantages, giving you the optimal protection in the event of track accidents.


This is another common material for kart racing suits, especially indoor ones. Karting enthusiasts favor poly-cotton suits due to how comfy they are, even though many are not CIK-certified. Still, you can rest assured that this material is fairly abrasive and durable, so you will not have to compromise your safety.


Getting your go-kart suits in the right size is crucial. A well-fitting suit will provide maximum protection and comfort, ensuring you are safe and sound throughout the race. Each manufacturer has its own comprehensive sizing chart. Notice that the size guides can be slightly different depending on the brands.

Suppose you can’t find the sizing chart in the online retailers; it would be best to visit the website of the manufacturer you want to purchase from. Then, take the measurements of your body, compare them to the chart, and select the size that appears to fit you best.

Also, you can check the review of other customers to see their opinion on the sizing accuracy before purchasing.

Comfort And Design

Besides protection, comfort is another factor to put into consideration. You may find it difficult to perform at your peak level if you are not comfortable in the race seat. You will also fatigue more quickly, which could cause your performance to decline as the race draws to a close.

Karting outfits are an expression of personal flair, much like helmets and gloves. There are often a few color options and various stylistic designs for each suit to choose from. You are free to select any suit that matches your preferences since the appearance of each one has no bearing on how well it performs.


Different suits come with different additional features. In general, professional go-kart suits are more advanced than those for beginners or indoor racing. The entry-level ones often have a single-layer design, while the premium options frequently have double- or triple-layered construction, providing a higher level of comfort and abrasion resistance.

Mesh ventilation spaces, which adequately aerate the suit’s interior, are another crucial element to search for. Insufficient aeration can cause the racers to become dizzy or possibly lose consciousness.

You can also check for the below features for a better wearing experience:

  • Shoulder and neck paddings: for extra comfort and safety.
  • Rid guard: for optimal protection
  • Velcro collar and belt: for adjusting the suit to get a better fitting.
  • External/internal pockets: for extra storage space.

Price Range

Another factor you need to consider is the price you are willing to pay for a suit. Consider carefully so you won’t overspend while still getting your required protection.

The cost of indoor or entry-level karting suits might differ significantly from that of professional ones. The latter is frequently 3 to 4 times more expensive than indoor suits because of its extra functions and better materials.

If money is tight, you might have to make some compromises in order to purchase the suit that provides the best protection for the price. Don’t fall for the cheap trap since low-quality products can’t last long, causing you to buy more replacements and end up costing more money.


How Do I Choose A Go Kart Suit?

You will need to consider many factors while picking the protective gear, such as the types, materials, sizes, etc. No matter which one you choose, safety will always be the most important thing you should never compromise.

Plus, don’t limit yourself to the cheapest option available on the market, even when you are on a budget. These products tend to have a short lifespan, and the quality will certainly not be very good.

You may still find a reasonable option with decent quality if you take some time to do the research. It is advisable to set yourself a budget at most you can afford; this can aid you in finding the ideal balance between affordability and quality.

For more detailed information, you can check out our buying guide above. It will help you choose the most suitable suit based on your preferences.

How Should A Karting Suit Fit?

Your go-karting suit should bring a comfortable feel and hug your body well, not too loose or too tight. While a suit that is too loose may feel unpleasant and get trapped in some areas, a too-tight one will restrict your range of motion. Thus, always make sure to choose the appropriate size.

Sizing charts can be slightly different between the brands. For example, an X-Small size of one brand can be equivalent to the size Small of the other. Thus, have your measurements first, then compare them to the sizing chart of your preferred brand to get the most accurate suit size.

What Is The Difference Between A Kart Suit And A Race Suit?

The main difference we notice lies in the material. As mentioned above, race suits are often made of Nomex, a material manufactured from aramid fibers with advantageous flame-resistant qualities. Due to its insulation applications and exceptionally effective filtration, it is ideal for racing suits.

Meanwhile, kart suits are made from poly-cotton, pyrovatex, or cordura. In the case of the suits for professional competitors, they also need to meet the requirements of CIK standards.

How Much Does A Karting Suit Weigh?

Typically, a karting suit can weigh from 1.5 up to 3 pounds. Still, the weight of a suit may vary due to its materials, layers, and paddings.

The major difference in a heavier suit will be how much you sweat while racing. This can be a turn-off to some racers, but if it has decent mesh ventilation areas, there is not much to worry about. Plus, suits with heavier weights usually come with extra paddings and other safety features, which can maximize their security ability.

On the other hand, the lightweight ones can be much more comfortable to wear, making them more suitable for long indoor racing. However, you might get less protection since lighter weight means less guard and padding.

The Bottom Line

Above is our list of the best karting suit recommendations on the current market. We also offer a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in making your choice.

Suppose you are still unsure what product to get; we highly suggest the RaceQuip Racing Driver Fire Suit. It is the sweet spot between quality and affordability, making it the top option for drivers of all skill levels, especially those on tight budgets.

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