Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release

When the helmet buckle is broken, you often think about buying a new helmet, costing your wallet a significant amount. Instead, let’s check out the best motorcycle helmet quick release in this review. Helmets are a mandatory accessory for any motorcycle driver. Please don’t forget that the buckle is also an indispensable component of a quality protective hat. See and choose the most necessary one for you!

Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release

#1 Best Overall – RydeWear Helmet Quick Release Chin Strap Buckle 

RydeWear Helmet Quick Release Chin Strap Buckle 


  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Soft click button and smooth on/off performance
  • Easy assembly
  • Can use for almost helmets


  • Price is a little bit higher


  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle
  • Dimensions: ‎1 x 0.3 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.027kg

The first selling point is the aluminum shell, showing credible lightness, durability, and solidity. Usually, too heavy buckles can pull down the straps and helmets, annoying the drivers’ heads and neck muscles. The special metal construction in this item can handle that minus point.

The on/off operation can go smoothly thanks to the metal appearance. The clip can easily be released with just a click on the button beside it. For the metal form, the lock jam happens more rarely than the plastic ones.

The flexible slider holds the strap tightly enough when driving in high-speed or windy conditions. By means, you can also adjust the rope length and tension easily.

Safety is guaranteed since it has passed the strict standard test of DOT and SNELL.

Based on the outstanding features of dimension, certainty, and weight, we believe that this buckle is born for any helmet, especially those used in everyday traffic (3/4 and full-face helmets). If you are a snowmobile driver, you can refer to other more specialized models, such as the next one in our review.

#2 Runner Up – The Helmet Shop Stainless Steel Helmet Chin Strap Adapter

The Helmet Shop Stainless Steel Helmet Chin Strap Adapter


  • Easy assembly
  • High rate of certainty and applicability
  • Can be used for heavy duty helmets


  • Sometimes, the slider is too tight for strap adjustment


  • Vehicle Service Type: Snowmobile
  • ‎Dimensions: 5.59 x 4.92 x 1.22 inches
  • Weight: 0.05 Kilograms

Regarding appearance, this model looks more solid and robust. The main clip is made of metal, specifically stainless steel, and has embossed edges. When the buckle fits together, the sturdiness, stability, and ability to hold the straps are rated better than the plastic ones.

The way to connect is similar to the above sample, but you need to consider the opening method. You need to remind yourself to use your index finger to lever the red pad. Thus, the lock will be released to open. This red pad is quite flexible, so you can easily open it with gloves. This feature is preferred by several snowmobile drivers.

Sports, ¾, or full-face helmets are usually larger and stiffer, so straps are usually thicker accordingly. Here, the plastic slider is more solid, and the edges are moderately curved, fixing the straps tightly.

Generally, this buckle is considered a complete example of safety or stability features. It is so convenient that it can be applied for any helmet!

#3 Best For Kids – Echo Quick Release (Black, One Size)

Echo Quick Release Black


  • Easy assembly, no need for tools
  • Reasonable price
  • Removable in case of replacement
  • Easy to use for kids


  • One size only
  • Not recommended for ¾ or full-face helmets


  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.6 x 4.2 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.023 Kilograms
  • Vehicle Service Type: Street-sport-motorcycles

At first sight, you can easily recognize this item’s simple design and easy function. You push the two ends of the lock together to tightly connect the helmet straps, then gently press the button alongside the lock body to open. 

Some quick releases are too stiff, hurting users’ fingers or scratching their skin when clicking. However, this concern is relieved with this Echo item. The button is soft and light so that children can lock it themselves without difficulty.

Because of the medium material and size, this buckle is more commonly applied to kids’ helmets. The product has overcome the strict requirements of DOT and SNELL, ensuring safety for users.

If your family has children practicing riding go-karts, you can consider this accessory for their helmets. High-school and college students driving light motorcycles (~50cc) can also benefit from these items.

Buying Guide

How to pick the most suitable for you among the ocean of quick releases? You will know after reading our simple guidelines.


Material plays a crucial role in determining stiffness, stability, and lightweightness. Most buckles are mainly made of metal or plastic.

 As you see, plastic items are usually softer, lighter, and more flexible, limiting the difficulty of on/off processes. Besides the advantage of being easy to (dis)assemble, the price is also much lower.

However, they are only the most effective when attached to kids’ helmets and light-duty types. Their durability is also less than that of metal shells.

If you own large or specialized helmets for your job (snowmobile, construction helmet, or go-kart racers), the metal buckles are the optimal choice! They operate smoothly and require more strap assembly, maximizing your safety in go-kart racing. The capacity of bearing large helmets’ force (3/4, full face) is also better.

On/off performance

Ordinary helmet buckles often come in 2 most common ways: click and lever. There is also another specialized D-ring type with a more complicated assembly.

Honestly, there is no particular separation for each on/off way. It’s totally up to your preference.

The click buttons are faster and neater, recommended for kids and young adults. Meanwhile, adults possibly consider the other.


Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head?

The first cause is that you choose the wrong size. For example, the helmet is smaller than the head. Other cases include too tight belts. If you wear an oval helmet for a round head, the helmet’s sides will press on the temples and cause pain.

Too heavy helmets can also trigger headaches and neck muscle pain. As we mentioned, some weighty buckles can hold the strap and the hat body down on your head, causing after long use.

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

Usually, helmets are loose due to straps. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is align it until it moderately embraces your face. The rope will reach the right hug by unfastening /tightening the strap rope and sliding the slider gently. Please don’t make it too tight to avoid a headache. The chin strap should be a few millimeters from your face.

You can add padding if you find it wide on the sides of your jaw (3/4 or full face types).

How Do You Put a Quick Release on a Motorcycle Helmet?

A quick-release kit will come with a long coupler called a horseshoe. The quick-release assembly will do more for you than remove it. You just need to attach all the parts by hand only. When you plug in and hear the sound, you have successfully connected the joints. You can refer to the video below with images for more detailed monitoring.

How Do You Remove Quick Release From The Helmet?

You need some small, slightly sharp items to make quick release easier (toothpick or ballpoint pen tip). After inserting the tool between the lock body and the horseshoe, you need to add more force to secure the clip while twisting and pulling the horseshoe.

You should maintain a steady hand pressure to remove the horseshoe without accidentally damaging the clip or strap.

You can also follow this video for more accurate actions


In conclusion, we call out the winner as Shubandit RydeWear Helmet Quick Release Helmets Chin Strap Buckle. With its sturdy metal design, moderate weight, high safety, and durability, it deserves to be the best motorcycle helmet quick release currently. 

You can apply it to several types of helmets (from light-duty to specialized ones).

Defining the purpose and usage preference will help you choose the most suitable product. Do not rush to change the helmet as soon as the lock is broken. With a little time and ingenuity, you can give back the original appearance of your helmet.

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