How to drive a go-kart for the first time

Go-karting is a thrilling activity that nearly anybody can enjoy. While the majority of us understand how it feels to sit behind the steering wheel of a car, we’re seldom pushed to go as hard as we want.

That’s why we’ve put up a tutorial on How to drive a go-kart to give you an advantage on your first race. Please read through this to show your friends you’re not a joke.

The preparation


how to drive a go kart

Wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose or tight.

Keep in mind that you’ll be seated for a lengthy amount of time while racing. So, for your next race, discard the skintight jeans. You’re on a racetrack, not a fashion line.

  • Go kart Helmets
  • Go kart neck brace
  • Go kart gloves
  • Go kart suit
  • Chest protector

Picking the right kart

Choosing the appropriate go kart may make or break your performance. Each kart is customized to a particular ability level. 

If this is your first time driving a go kart, we recommend starting with the Rookie Kart. Riding in this slow kart allows you to practice turns and maneuvering. When you’re comfortable driving around a course, we suggest you upgrade to the faster model. 

Checking the pedal

Similarly to controlling the wheel, you need your feet to operate the pedals easily with a modest bend in your legs. Spend some time stretching your feet all the way onto both the brake and gas pedals to ensure you can use them completely when necessary.

Learn the basic

Put on a helmet and strong gear to keep yourself safe. Riding a go-kart is usually a safe hobby, although you might crash. Always wear your helmet before driving the go kart to limit the chance of injury. Wear bulkier clothes, such as long sleeves and slacks. This will assist you in avoiding bumps and scratches.

How to drive a go kart

Go kart preparation gear

Driving is divided into 2 main stages: the start phase and on the road. Both of these stages have different technical requirements to keep in mind.

The start phase

Sit comfortably with your back against the seat

Adjust your position in the seat so that you can comfortably handle the wheel as well as reach the pedals. Fasten your seat belt and press your back into the seat rest. This will hold you firmly in your seat. If you’re a youngster, be sure you’re not slipping around in your seat. This will keep you safe when driving the kart.

Hold the steering wheel in the same position on each side

It’s also crucial to understand how to hold the steering wheel properly while driving a go-kart. We recommend holding the steering wheel in a quarter-to-three grip with both hands on the same altitude. This position will provide you with more accurate control and allow you to respond faster around curves.

Press the accelerator pedal on the right side to make the kart go

We recommend having several practice laps before your first race with your buddies to get a feel for how to handle a kart. Push the pedals fully downward to get a sense of how responsive they are. Just don’t push both pedals together, the right side is enough to go!

On the road

Maintain your speed

In the go-kart race, maintaining your own speed is everything. Do not rely on movie experience to control your kart. Sometimes, sprinting is not the thing you want to focus on. 

Keep an eye on other karts and drivers

Maintain a safe gap between yourself and the other karts on the circuit. Each hiccup can drastically slow you down. The same is true for any sudden modifications made to avoid colliding with other drivers. 

Try to concentrate on your own wheel. It’s quite simple to become distracted by other drivers, which might throw you off your game. Concentrate on mastering your approaches to turns, and you’ll gradually catch up to your opponents.

Avoid drifting

While it may appear to be a spectacular move, drifting can severely slow down  your momentum. Braking on a turn is a typical cause of drifting. So concentrate on braking harder before a corner.

Drifting might also indicate that you’re turning too abruptly into a corner. When learning how to control a go-kart, avoid the impulse to make quick turns at every turn.

When leaving a corner, sharp twists might lead you to slip out wide. When you reach the peak of a turn, concentrate on progressively rotating your wheel. When exiting a corner, aim towards the outside of the track and you won’t feel the need to turn as sharply.

Look ahead

Learning how to control a go kart on your first time might be intimidating. Driving too low when starting might give the impression that you’re going twice as fast. Beginners frequently make the mistake of gazing only a few yards ahead of their kart.

When you merely stare a few yards ahead, you dramatically restrict your visibility of the road ahead. So as to be ready for the following maneuver, your brain requires extra time to absorb the track ahead of you.

Try to concentrate on paying your attention to at least one stage ahead of you position. So, as you reach the peak, you should already be staring at the end of the turn. When you leave it, you should already be gazing ahead for the following turn.


Is driving a go kart easy?

Go karting is physically harder than you may think, specifically if you are new. Try some on-the-spot jogging while keeping your hands and wrists relaxed and ready to go.

When should you brake on a go-kart?

Whether you’re on a new track or trying to beat your own time, you’ll need to maintain your braking ready all the time. This does not imply that you should begin braking far away before turning, but rather that you should identify the optimal braking point.

Is going karting like driving a car?

Go-karting is different from driving a normal car. To begin, go-karts are frequently fitted with a left-foot brake, which separates them from standard autos. Aside from that, because go-karts are operated on confined circuits, the driving experience is entirely different, and you must follow a distinct set of rules.

Does go karting improve driving skills?

While go-karting is often compared to driving a race car, it really mimics normal driving to some level. As with learning to drive cars, more practicing time means more familiarity with various circumstances that you may encounter on the road on a regular basis.

How do you corner a Go-kart fast?

The way of cornering a go-kart is always on the Internet for you to search. If you want to do it fast, there is only one way, that’s practicing more and more.


Learning how to drive a go-kart is easy but elevating it to a higher level is a long story. Don’t give up too soon and you will see it bear fruit.

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