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If you are a tractor enthusiast, this article is made for you as we will show you instructions on how to measure bolt patterns – one of the most difficult tasks to perform on your vehicle. 

However difficult it may sound, you can do it in a blink of an eye using our helpful instructions below! Join in immediately to see the steps on the way to measure bolt patterns exactly and the secrets behind them!

What Do You Need To Know About Bolt Patterns?

How To Measure Bolt Pattern

Before learning how to measure bolt patterns, let’s back off with a basis of what a bolt pattern is. Well, it is the size of an imaginary circle created by the lug holes at the wheels’ centers.

There are two different numbers to read in a bolt pattern measurement. The first number indicates the number of bolt holes on the wheel, and the second number indicates the diameter of the visionary circle around the holes. 

For example, a 4-100m bolt pattern wheel has four lug holes around a 100mm-diameter circle. The larger a vehicle is, the more lugs there will be on the wheels.

So, why do we have to learn so much about bolt patterns? Well, it is the first step to identify whether your wheels are using the correct lug nuts or not. It ensures your safety, which is the most critical thing when driving a big vehicle.

How To Measure Bolt Pattern?

Measure Bolt Pattaern

Measuring bolt patterns requires a different access method than steps since each type of lug pattern needs a distinct measuring method. We will divide the bolt according to their holes and continue sharing the measuring step.

  • 4-bolt

For a 4-bolt pattern, measure from center to center of two bolt holes directly opposite each other. Make sure it comes in a straight line so that the measurement is the most accurate. 

  • 5-bolt

It is more complicated to measure a 5-bolt pattern as the holes are not symmetrical. That is why the measurement can only be considered “estimation” here, as you will measure using a straight line from one hole’s backside to a third hole’s center. 

A piece of special equipment is needed to do this measurement, called a bolt pattern gauge, or take advantage of a complex geometric equation, but that will be more complex.

  • 6-bolt

Like 4-bolt patterns, measuring the distance between the wheels’ holes of a 6-bolt pattern also requires measuring the distance across two opposite bolt holes in a straight line.

  • 8-bolt

Use the same measurement technique for 4-bolt and 6-bolt hole patterns, and you can get the distance. Remember, for 8-bolt, the distances between holes are further; hence it is important to measure in a straight line so that the numbers are correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to measuring bolt patterns. Let’s discover them right away!

What Is The Most Common Five-Lug Pattern?

Undoubtedly, the most common 5-bolt pattern you can find on the market is 5 on 4-½. However, there are also many variants of the 5-bolt pattern, such as five on 5, 5 on 5-½, or 5 on 4-¾. 

Drivers must understand their common bolt pattern or that pattern that suits the vehicle to ensure they fit well. 

How Do I Measure My Rims Without A Tire?

You can easily measure rims without a tire. Here is a summary of how to do it:

  • Get the measurement of a bolt hole’s width (you can use a caliper in this step to improve the accuracy)
  • Get the distance between a bolt hole’s center to an adjacent bolt hole’s center. Make sure the rim is on its side, with the outside facing up, and measure down from the rim to the plate in the center. 

How Do I Find My Rim Number?

The rim number can be found inside the rim, under the rim tape. You will find a serial seven-digit starting with 1 or 2. The first two digits usually indicate the year when it was manufactured. 

Can You Change The Tire Size On The Same Rim?

If your vehicle has various setups of rim sizes, you can purchase different tire sizes to fit those rims, but make sure that the tires’ middle part is the correct size. Hence, larger tires are often better suited to vehicles with bigger rims. 


And that’s our instruction on how to measure bolt patterns. The task seems difficult initially, but once you read our helpful guide here, it won’t sound challenging anymore. Remember that there are various bolt patterns, so choosing the correct bolt for your vehicle is important. 

We hope that this article has been helpful enough in helping you to measure a bolt pattern. See you in another article, and have fun with your tractor experience!

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