Mclaren Go-kart Kidzone Electric Ride On Toy 24V Review

Are you yearning for an adventurous toy for your children? Mclaren Go-kart 24V is an extraordinarily innovative and attractive toy for children. However, we believe that parents wonder if it suits their baby.

That is why we will give you a highly detailed review of this product in today’s article. Keep scrolling down and read the helpful information below!

Mclaren Go-kart Specs

Mclaren Go-kart Kidzone Electric Ride On Toy 24V Review


  • Modern design 
  • New equipment and functions
  • Safety of children 
  • Most realistic driving dynamics 
  • Allows for a top speed of up to 7.5 mph.
  • Non-toxic, and ASTM-compliant PP body.


  • Long battery charging time and short usage time
  • Still need adult observation when using this product.


Let’s see everything you may want to know about this product!

Mclaren Go-kart Specification

  • Dimensions: 53.94 x 30.32 x 21.65 inches
  • Weight: 62.2 pounds
  • Motor: 24V
  • Speed: up to 7.5 mph
  • Recommended age: 6 years and older
  • Maximum load: 132 pounds
  • Running time: 1-2 hours
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours
  • Special features: large off-road wheels and four-wheel shock absorbers


  • The product has a modern design with a colorful and relaxed look, which attracts children of all ages.
  • It is equipped with many new equipment and functions
  • There are many assistive devices for the safety of children when using it
  • Your children will have the most realistic driving dynamics with soft gas pedals (CVT), go-kart back-led bulbs, and vehicle sounds.
  • Thanks to its low center of gravity frame, premium rechargeable battery, and two powerful 24V motors, this GoKart allows for a top speed of up to 7.5 mph.
  • It is crafted from a durable, non-toxic, and ASTM-compliant PP body.


  • Long battery charging time and short usage time
  • Although equipped with many safety features, children still need adult observation when using this product.

Mclaren Go-kart Review In Details

Superior Performance

The product is designed with 2 powerful 24V motors, extra large all-terrain wheels, and 4 shock absorbers. These designs will help your child drive safer, more enjoyable, and more enjoyable.

Specifically, the huge off-road wheels allow for more clearance between the ground and the car’s undercarriage. This way, your kid can travel through rough and uneven terrain more easily and smoothly. 

Whenever your little ones have to encounter a bumpy road, the 4 shock absorbers will come in handy to cushion the vibration, boosting the driver’s comfort and streamlining the control.

In addition, customer satisfaction is enhanced by elegant premium styling with features such as gentle start technology, fast and slow speeds, and separately upgraded rear wheels, creating a feeling of authenticity and fun when driving.

Multiple Functions

The product is built with extra features, such as MP3 players, music lights, LED lamps, power displays, and volume controls, which are available to make driving interesting for young children.

Significantly, two kids can play together using the comfy rear seat, which has been raised adequately and includes pedals and a backrest. 

This enables them to enjoy playing with two different things at once. Kids from 6 may have limitless fun thanks to the robust 24V 9 AH battery’s 2-hour runtime and a top speed of 7.5 mph!

Security Assurance

The toy has extra-wide rear tires, enabling the tire to hold the road better and expanding the tire’s contact area with the pavement. 

Also, the additional width improves traction and tire grip, offering the bike superior handling.

Moreover, the retractable seat belts permit the cloth to be drawn back to the restoration device. On impact, it also secures the wire in place, restraining and protecting the child.

The product also has strengthened front bumpers, trustworthy EM brakes, and a racing flag to assure driver safety.

Simple Assembly

The product, when purchased, will come with a car accessory kit, including lights, seats, wheels, rear rack, and other parts, with complete manuals. You only need to spend about 30 minutes to finish the installation.

However, to make the process go more smoothly, you should prepare extra screwdrivers and hammers to secure small parts like screws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Material Of The Tires?

They are rubbish, not plastic tires.

Do You Have To Step On To Stop The Car? 

Yes. It works like a car. When you let go of the accelerator, it slows down, but you must press the brake to stop immediately.

Is It Battery Or Motor Operated?

The machine runs on battery, and using time is about 1 to 2 hours. The first time you use it, you should charge it for at least 8 hours to avoid battery drain later.

Some notes about the product’s battery: 

  • Only adults should charge the battery.
  • When charging, plug the charging cable into the charging port under the car seat, then plug the charger into a wall outlet.
  • Ensure you turn off the device before charging, and do not operate the vehicle during charging for safety reasons.
  • If the car is running slowly, restart the battery.
  • Avoid completely draining the battery, as it can cause damage to the battery when it is completely depleted. The ideal charging time is 8 hours; don’t charge for more than 12 hours.

How To Assemble The Product?

To assemble the device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Match the rear bumper with the vehicle’s structure. With one hand on the body clip, push and click the bumper into alignment. Personal safety gear, including helmets, is essential when utilizing this item.
  • Step 2: Assemble the rear bumper to the trunk.
  • Step 3: Attach the rear fender to the side of the vehicle and secure it with M4x10 screws.
  • Step 4: Finish the front-side assembly.
  • Step 5: Rotate the chassis, assemble the front axle, and secure it with 8 M4x16 screws.
  • Step 6: Connect the navigation lever to a washer and cotter latch
  • Step 7: Attach the engine, back wheel, and screw to the rear axle and lock with the provided nut. Then, put it on the skid plate. Check that the parts are installed on the right side.
  • Step 8: Fit the brackets and fenders into the trunk and secure them with screws. Make sure to assemble the parts on the right side.
  • Step 9: Attach the two washers and front tire, then tighten with the included nut. Then, apply the wheel cover.
  • Step 10: Take away screws and nuts from the steering wheel.
  • Step 11: Align the screw hole by sliding the steering wheel into the trunk. Then, using recently removed screws and nuts, safeguard it.
  • Step 12: Install the windshield and rearview mirror on the body of the vehicle
  • Step 13: Assemble the trunk light framework and install the holder. Then attach the device’s electrical connectors to the automobile and the lights. 

Note: After inserting the cable end through the rear dock, please put the cable tip into the rear port’s hole to ensure proper installation.

  • Step 14: Connect the engine wire under the saddle
  • Step 15: Open the front engine cover and connect the battery wiring
  • Step 16: Assemble the seat to the trunk and secure it with 2 M4 x 16 screws
  • Step 17: Bring the front bumper to the front side of the car


With stunning appearances and superior performance, prepare for intense thrills with an ATV for kids. We are sure that this Kidzone Electric Ride On Toy 24V will make the ideal gift for adventurous boys and girls!

Thank you for your time! See you in the following article!

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