Top 5 Go-Kart Tracks in Fort Worth

Experience the thrill of go-kart racing in Fort Worth, Texas, like never before! Look no further if you’re passionate about having fun and feeling the adrenaline rush. Our city has some of the best go-kart tracks that guarantee an unforgettable racing experience.
Whether you prefer the exhilaration of indoor racing or the excitement of outdoor trails, Fort Worth has it all. Many of these facilities offer karting lessons, so you can sharpen your skills and prepare for your next competition. Get ready for an adventure on the tracks of Fort Worth and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Top Go-kart track in Fort Worth

#1 – Alley Cats Entertainment and Putt-Putt Golf Center

Alley Cats Entertainment and Putt-Putt Golf Center

If you’re in Fort Worth and looking for a place where the fun never ends, Alley Cats Entertainment and Putt-Putt Golf Center is the perfect destination. With two locations in Arlington and Hurst, this fun center and arcade offer many activities that will keep you entertained for hours.

At Alley Cats Entertainment, you can experience the thrill of go-kart racing on their exciting track. Challenge your family and friends to a race and compete for a spot in the Winner’s Circle. Please note that to drive the single go-karts, you must be at least 60″ tall. If you prefer to ride with a companion, the double go-karts are a great option, with the driver needing to be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and the passenger at least 40″ tall.


  • Rookie Cart: $8 (must be 50″ tall, available all day from Monday to Thursday and until 5 pm from Friday to Sunday)
  • Single Go-Kart: $12 (driver must be 60″ tall)
  • Double Go-Kart: $14 (driver must be 18 yrs. with valid driver’s license, the passenger must be 40″ tall)

But that’s not all Alley Cats Entertainment has to offer! They have many games and attractions to ensure something for everyone. From bowling and laser tag to rock climbing and putt-putt golf, you’ll find plenty of options to keep you entertained. They aim to provide fun for all ages, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience each time you visit.

For the smaller thrill-seekers, Alley Cats offers Rookie Carts, available all day from Monday to Thursday and until 5 pm from Friday to Sunday.

So, whether you’re in Arlington or Hurst, visit Alley Cats Entertainment and Putt-Putt Golf Center for a day filled with fun and excitement.

#2 – K1 Speed – Indoor Go Karts

k1 speed

Located 8 miles from Fort Worth, the K1 Speed facility in Arlington, Texas, is a go-karting destination that guarantees an exhilarating experience. As an indoor track, it offers the perfect environment for racing enthusiasts. The facility features a 1/4-mile track with exciting twists and turns, providing a challenging race for drivers of all skill levels.

K1 Speed takes pride in their state-of-the-art OTL Storm EFD go-karts imported from Italy. These electric karts deliver fast acceleration and a thrilling racing experience. Adults must meet the height requirement of 58″ to ride the adult karts, while kids can enjoy the excitement in the OTL Junior Karts. With speeds of up to 45 miles per hour for adults and 20 miles per hour for juniors, you’re in for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Safety is a top priority at K1 Speed. The indoor track has safety barriers, ensuring a secure racing environment. The facility also enforces separate races for adults and kids, allowing each group to compete fairly.

In addition to the thrilling racing experience, K1 Speed offers other amenities to enhance your visit. The Pit Cafe serves a variety of delicious snacks and beverages, allowing you to refuel and recharge after an intense race. With a great race track view, you can relax and enjoy your favorite fast food and soft drinks.

K1 Speed’s Arlington location also features two meeting rooms with audiovisual connections, perfect for private functions or corporate events. Whether planning a birthday party, a group outing, or a competitive competition, K1 Speed has you covered.

The facility operates at various hours throughout the week, ensuring you have ample opportunities to satisfy your need for speed. K1 Speed is open from 12 pm to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, it extends its hours until midnight. Saturdays start early, from 10 am to midnight, while Sundays operate from 10 am to 10 pm.

Pricing at K1 Speed is reasonable, with options to suit your preferences:

  • 1 race: $24.95
  • 2 races: $44.95
  • 3 races: $59.95.

#3 – Rockwood Go-Karts & Mini Golf

Rockwood Go-Karts & Mini Golf

Suppose you’re looking for an exciting go-karting experience with a touch of nostalgia. In that case, Rockwood Go-Karts is the place to be. Established in 1962, it is the oldest go-kart facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

While Rockwood Go-Karts is not exclusively dedicated to go-karting, as it also features a popular mini-golf attraction, it has remained a favorite among locals for decades. This family-friendly facility is perfect for a day out with the kids, offering everyone a safe and enjoyable environment. It’s also available for private gatherings and events, adding versatility.

The race track at Rockwood Go-Karts may not have complicated twists and turns, but it compensates with speed and excitement. The circular outdoor concrete track is designed for novices and kids, providing a fun and thrilling experience. With wide lanes and outer barriers, you can confidently navigate the track and even overtake your competitors.

Rockwood Go-Karts proudly claims to have the fastest go-karts in Fort Worth, and they certainly deliver on that promise. You can enjoy a 4-minute ride in either a single or double kart. Racers must be at least 10 years old and 4’8″ tall, ensuring a safe and suitable experience. For the two-seater karts, passengers must be at least 5 years old and 3’4″ tall, allowing families to enjoy the adventure together.

The facility maintains a fleet of 16 single-seater go-karts and 6 two-seater go-karts, all well-maintained and equipped with essential safety features. Rockwood Go-Karts prioritizes the well-being of its visitors, ensuring a secure and enjoyable race for everyone.

Rockwood Go-Karts does not offer food and beverages on-site but they provide a shaded picnic area for private events and party reservations. You can bring your refreshments and enjoy a relaxing picnic after your exciting race.

Operating hours are convenient for both day and evening visits. Rockwood Go-Karts is open from 12 pm to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, 12 pm to 11 pm on Fridays, and 9 am to 11 pm on Saturdays.

Rockwood Go-Karts offers affordable pricing options to suit your budget: A single 4-minute ride costs $7, and they even have a special offer on Tuesdays, where you can enjoy the same thrilling experience for just $6.

#4 – Route 377 Go-Karts LLC

Route 377 Go-Karts, LLC

Route 377 Go-Karts in Haltom City, just a short drive from Fort Worth, is an excellent place for outdoor go-kart racing. With a dedicated outdoor track, it offers a best experience for karting enthusiasts of all ages. The way has six turns with modifications for added challenge and excitement.

Safety is taken very seriously at Route 377 Go-Karts, and racers must sign a waiver before getting on the track. Each race lasts for approximately 10-12 laps or five minutes. Single and double karts are available, and all drivers must meet the height requirement of at least 58 inches.

For children who do not meet the height requirements, two-seater karts are available with an 18- or older driver and passenger must be at least 36″ inches tall and can ride for free.

Shaller go-karts are used at Route 377 Go-Karts and come equipped with safety features such as safety belts, roll bars, and bumpers. Packages are available for one or multiple races, with discounts for bulk purchases. Here are the pricing options:

  • 1 Race: $8
  • 6 Races: $40
  • 10 Races: $70
  • 20 Races: $120
  • 1-hour Unlimited: $40

Route 377 Go-Karts does not have a restaurant or cafe on site, but a snack bar with a few different beverage options is available. You are also welcome to bring your refreshments and enjoy them on the picnic benches overlooking the track.

#5 – Lone Star Kartpark

Lone Star Kartpark

Lone Star Kartpark is one of the best go-kart facilities in Fort Worth, Texas! Lone Star is perfect for a day out with friends, family, or colleagues and offers special corporate event packages.

Located inside the famous Texas Motor Speedway, this outdoor facility features a 3,168-foot track with 16 turns. You can experience the thrill of high-speed karting by renting one of their CRG Karts or choosing from several arrive-and-drive packages.

Racers can choose from adult karts or Cadet Karts for kids 7 years and at least 42″ tall. The facility also hosts league racing events using the best CRG Centurion karts. Pricing is affordable, with options ranging from one to ten races.

Ensure you bring your food and beverages as the facility doesn’t offer them. Lone Star Kartpark is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open Wednesdays through Sundays.

Pricing options include:

  • 1 race: $25
  • 2 races: $45
  • 3 races: $65
  • 5-race package: $100
  • 10-race package: $195


In conclusion, Fort Worth, Texas, offers some of the best go-karting experiences with thrilling tracks, exciting twists, and various karts. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor tracks, you can find your perfect racing destination in Fort Worth.

Alley Cats Entertainment and Putt-Putt Golf Center is a family-friendly center that offers go-karting and many other attractions. K1 Speed is an indoor facility that provides state-of-the-art OTL Storm EFD go-karts, delicious snacks and beverages, and private meeting rooms for corporate events or private functions.

Finally, Rockwood Go-Karts & Mini Golf is the oldest facility in Fort Worth. It features a circular outdoor concrete track designed for novices and kids, providing a fun and thrilling experience. No matter where you go, you will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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