Razor Crazy Cart Review: Best For Drifting and Versatility

Regarding ride-on toys, the Razor Crazy Cart has become a popular choice among parents and children alike. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the pros and cons, discuss its standout features, highlight why it’s worth considering, and provide essential factors to consider when choosing this product. 

Razor Crazy Cart Review

Razor Crazy Cart - Best For Versatility  Razor Crazy Cart Shift - Best For Drifting  Specifications:
  • Age Group: 9+
  • Weight Limit: 140 lbs
  • Battery: 2 x 12V sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 minutes
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Dimensions: 37″ x 24″ x 19″
  • Kart Weight: 55.2 lbs


  • A sleek and sporty design that captures the attention
  • Low center of gravity for easy handling and maneuverability
  • Sturdy and well-constructed build quality
  • Patented drift system for controlled drifting, spinning, and cornering
  • Variable speed foot pedal acceleration reaches speeds up to 12 mph
  • High-torque, chain-driven motor for a fast and thrilling ride
  • Pneumatic front tire and anti-tip front caster wheels for stability and speed
  • Lap/shoulder strap and flag for added safety
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 40 minutes of continuous run time
  • Relatively quick 4-5 hours charge time
  • Suitable for ages 9+ and a weight limit of 140 pounds


  • Lack of traditional brakes, relying on the drift system for slowing down and stopping
  • Potential motion sickness due to drifting and spinning motions
  • The weight limit may not accommodate larger or older children
  • Limited battery life for extended playtime
  • Relatively higher price compared to other ride-on toys

As a passionate go-kart enthusiast and a parent, I was on a mission to find the perfect ride-on toy that would bring immense joy to my children. That’s when I stumbled upon the Razor Crazy Cart. Intrigued by the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, I decided to give it a shot. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

My journey with the Razor Crazy Cart began when I purchased it for my 5-year-old son. Initially, I was a bit skeptical. However, my doubts quickly faded as I witnessed my son masterfully ride and drift with the cart. The low center of gravity and the well-thought-out design of the cart allowed him to effortlessly spin and maneuver through the streets. It was a joyous sight to behold.

The Razor Crazy Cart provided an impressive continuous run time, far surpassing what I had anticipated. My son could enjoy approximately 30 minutes of non-stop excitement before needing to recharge.

One of the standout features of the Razor Go-kart is its ease of use. When the cart arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it came almost fully assembled. This made the setup process a breeze, allowing my children to hit the pavement quickly. As a busy parent, I greatly appreciated this thoughtful convenience.

Witnessing the joy on my son’s face as he raced around on the Razor Crazy Cart, I couldn’t help but agree with him when he declared it the best Christmas present ever. The cart quickly became the highlight of our outdoor adventures, captivating my son and our neighbors. Its popularity was evident as it was in high demand and sold out at the time of my purchase.

Over time, as my son grew older, the Razor Crazy Cart became a bit small for him. However, this presented an opportunity for another child to experience the thrill and excitement it offers. Our neighbor, intrigued by the cart’s performance and cool burnouts, expressed interest in purchasing it for their child. Seeing the joy and excitement it brings others is genuinely heartwarming.

Safety is always a top concern for parents, and the Razor Crazy Cart ensures a secure and enjoyable experience. The cart’s simple control system allows for effortless acceleration and slowing down using the right pedal foot. While there are no traditional brakes, this design choice simplifies the riding experience for young children. Additionally, charging the battery is as simple as setting up a phone, ensuring a hassle-free experience for parents and kids.

Key takeaways
Considering the value of the price, I must say that the Razor Crazy Cart is worth every penny. IT WAS AN EXCELLENT INVESTMENT when I purchased it for around $300. However, I acknowledge that the price may increase during the Christmas season due to market demand. I recommend watching for price fluctuations if you want to buy the cart.

Why Should I Buy Razor Crazy Cart?

The Razor Crazy Cart is a top choice for parents seeking to provide their kids with an unforgettable and fun outdoor experience. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider purchasing this product:

  • Thrilling Experience: The Crazy Cart offers an exhilarating ride that combines speed, drifting, and maneuverability. Its impressive features, such as the patented drift system and high-torque motor, make every adventure an adrenaline-pumping experience for kids.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The Razor Crazy Cart boasts excellent build quality, ensuring its longevity and ability to withstand the bumps and scrapes that come with drifting. Its unique polymer chassis provides high impact resistance, making it a reliable companion for countless hours of playtime.
  • Safety Features: Including a lap/shoulder strap and flag in the Crazy Cart highlights the brand’s commitment to safety. These features add extra protection and give parents peace of mind while their children enjoy the thrilling ride.
  • Appealing Design: With its sleek and sporty design, the Crazy Cart captures the attention of both kids and adults. The bold color scheme and modern aesthetics make it a stylish choice for those looking for a visually appealing ride-on toy.
  • Versatility: The Crazy Cart isn’t just limited to drifting fun. With its variable speed foot pedal acceleration, riders can use it as a mode of transportation or engage in friendly races with their friends. It provides endless possibilities for outdoor entertainment.

Things to Consider When Choosing Razor Crazy Cart

Before making a decision, it’s essential to consider certain factors that can influence your choice when selecting the Razor Crazy Cart.

  • Brake Mechanism: Unlike traditional ride-on toys, the Crazy Cart doesn’t feature standard brakes. Instead, it relies on its patented drift system for slowing down and stopping. While this adds a unique and fun element, evaluating whether this type of control suits your child’s preferences and your comfort level as a parent is essential.
  • Motion Sickness: The drifting and spinning motions of the Crazy Cart can potentially cause motion sickness in some children. Monitoring your child’s response during rides and taking breaks if necessary is crucial. Suppose your child is prone to motion sickness. In that case, consider alternative ride-on toys that don’t involve these specific movements.
  • Weight Limit: The Crazy Cart has a weight limit of 140 pounds. Ensuring that the kart is suitable for your child’s weight and size is essential. Children exceeding the weight limit may find it uncomfortable or challenging to maneuver, which could impact their ability to control the kart while drifting.
  • Battery Life: The Crazy Cart offers up to 40 minutes of continuous run time on a full charge, which is a decent amount for a ride-on toy. However, if your child desires longer playtime, it’s essential to factor in the charging time of around 4-5 hours. 
  • Price: The Razor Crazy Cart is not budget-friendly, and its price tag may deter some parents. While the design, build quality, and features justify the cost, other Razor ride-on toys are worth considering that better fit your budget and your child’s interests.

The Razor Crazy Cart is a thrilling ride-on toy that combines speed, drifting, and maneuverability. With its impressive design, sturdy build quality, and exciting features, the Crazy Cart offers kids an unforgettable outdoor adventure. While it may not be suitable for children with motion sickness or those requiring traditional brakes, it is an excellent choice for kids seeking an adrenaline rush and a break from screens. 

By exploring other options from Razor, parents can find the perfect fit for their child’s interests and preferences. With various unique features and designs, Razor’s ride-on toys ensure hours of fun and excitement for any young adventurer. 

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